Audit Rule


Setting up SQL detection rules


Effective immediately after saving

  1. Numeric rule 0 values are unlimited.

  2. Check the default value of the time field. All time type fields must be set to the default value and the default value must be CURRENT_TIMESTAMP.

  3. Please refer to related tool parameter description for osc related rules.

  4. Subject to various conditions, the judgment of the number of rows affected is not necessarily accurate. Statements that take the primary key and index will be submitted for accuracy, and are only used as a partial reference, such as the predicted result has a large offset. Consider whether statement performance can be optimized or increase the maximum number of rows that can be affected

  5. OSCMinTableSize When the table volume is larger than this value, if OSC is started, OSC is executed.

  6. Sorting / character set / table creation must have field settings. Use comma ** to separate multiple values

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