Secondary development

Open source agreement statement

Yearning follows the AGPL agreement. (Excluding Audit Engine Project Juno)

The specific constraints and rights of the agreement are as follows:

Rights of Licensee

Licensee has the right to use, copy, modify, merge, and distribute

Duties of Licensee

  • Yearning must not be used for any commercial purpose without the author's authorization. This includes providing any Yearning-based business services over the Internet.

  • If you modify the code, you need to specify it in the modified file.

  • In the case of secondary development and publication (internal use is not within the terms), the software must be an open source project, not any commercial software of a commercial nature. For commercialization, authorship must be obtained from the original author.

  • All terms of this platform comply with the corresponding open source licenses, please use and develop in strict accordance with the relevant licenses.


Yearning back-end and front-end code is based on AGPL3.0 (Juno code of audit engine project is not open)

The open source version has implemented Grpc call, which can be compiled and run.

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