Yearning only rely on Mysql database

Mysql version must be 5.7 or above. Please install it yourself and create Yearning Library in advance. The character set should be UTF8mb4 (only mysql version required by Yearning)

The annual log only outputs the error level. Without the log, no running error can be considered!

Yearning based on 1080p resolution development only supports 1080p and above display access

please use the latest version of Chrome


download url

Please select the latest version and choose from the Assets


1.Configuration file

cat conf.toml
Db = "Yearning"
Host = ""
Port = "3306"
Password = "xxxx"
User = "root"

[General]   #Database encryption and decryption key, can be changed only once.
SecretKey = "dbcjqheupqjsuwsm"

About SecretKey

SecretKey is the salt of token / database password encryption / decryption.

It is recommended that all users change the SecretKey before installing year for the first time (if not, there will be a security risk)

Format: both upper and lower case letters, length must be 16 bits

Special attention:

This key can only be changed during the initial installation! It cannot be changed again after that! If it is changed again, the previously stored data source password will not be decrypted, and the related data source information will not be obtained

Help info

./Yearning -h

2.Initialize data structure

./Yearning -m

Be sure to do -m initialization before -s starts!

To initialize again, please delete all forms from the stock before duplicate execution is invalid

3.Start server

default start

./Yearning -s

Parameters of the start

./Yearning -s -b "" -p "8000"

Open browser

Default username & password:admin/Yearning_admin

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