common problem

  • Why is there no data source information added in the data source drop-down list box?

    The added data source is not assigned to this user

  • Why I still can't see the data source after adding the data source permission to the user?

    When adding a data source, please pay attention to whether it is a data source radio box. If you select Yes, the data source will only appear in the query selection range, otherwise it will only appear in the ddl / dml selection range

  • Why is there no backup library setting, do I need to install inception?

    Yearing 2.0 adopts an independent audit engine without installing any third-party audit tools, and does not need to add an additional backup database

  • Why is there no rollback statement?

    Yearning generates rollback statements based on the binlog row format. Please make sure that the target database has binlog turned on (binlog format is automatically set since v2.0.1) / The target table has a primary key

  • Why can't some pages open and receive data, and there is no error log information in the background?

    Since yearning was written using es6 canonical syntax. Only modern browsers are supported. Please upgrade your browser. The latest version of Chrome is recommended for experience

  • Why does the complex query SQL report an error?

    For complex function query SQL cannot be parsed because the syntax interpreter does not yet support it

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